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Greetings and Welcome To Gold3n Blackvibez

The sole purpose of Black vibez is to promote my talent and eventually feature other conscious unorthodox Artists! There are many types of artists. Artists vary from a painter to a musician to a Poet, and the list goes on. An Artist is someone who expresses themselves through creative Art. In my opinion, music and poetry are one of the same. Some of my favorite artists that create music are very poetic. Being blessed with the gift of transmitting spoken word over an instrumental is a gift. Poetry is a literary art. An Art that focuses on the articulation of emotions, feelings, ideas, and beliefs. Also, poetry is self-expression because each Artist’s delivery is different. Meaning, there is no one way to create Music or poetry. Everyone is different and enjoys different things. Artists have the gift to change the mood of others and to heal. Music and Poetry are therapeutic and it can increase your vibrational frequency, depending on what kind of Art and Artist you are listening to. My perspective of music and poetry is its medicine for the soul. Music is indeed a universal language! Music helps with establishing diversity! Art brings people of different nationalities together. As artists, if we use our talent in the right way we can initiate unity. I’m sending you Peace, Love, elevation, and transformation! Welcome to Blackvibez.

What will you learn
from this book?

“Ten Chapters of Transformation” was created with the intent to share my perspectives, as well as my life lessons. Life is all about learning and transforming. “Each one teaches one” is my way of life. Change is inevitable. A lot of us go through life trying our best to fight change but through experience I have come to understand, fighting change will only prevent you from prospering. Listing all the things that are to be learned from reading this book, is something I won’t do; instead, I will allow you to give me a review. Tell me what you learned from reading, “Ten Chapters of Transformation”. It is a short easy read. I affirm all that give it a read, enjoy it and also learn something. Thank you in advance for taking time out to read my book and hopefully it transforms your life.

About Black Vibez


I am a humanitarian. A soul Alchemist Artist. Soul Alchemy is the practice of transforming one’s self through Soul work! I have transformed myself, on a mind body and soul level, as well as others, over the years. “Change is inevitable”. Change can’t be avoided though, many of us go through life doing just that but avoiding transformation prevents us from elevating in life. We all have a purpose to live out and chances are if you are not growing you aren’t fulfilling your purpose. I create poetry, music, spoken words with the intent to change a perspective by sharing mine. I am an unorthodox, unconventional, and eccentric Artist! The purpose of my art is to share my truth and possibly heal others through transformative words.

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What's inside

Ten Steps of Transformation

Chapter I Tour Guide

1. The Law of Divine Oneness
2. The Law of Vibration
3. The Law Of action
4. The Law of Correspondence
5. The Laws of Cause and Effect
6. The Law of Compensation
7. The Law of Attraction
8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
9. The Law Of Relativity
10. The Law of Polarity
11. The Law of Rhythm
12. The Law Of Gender

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Chapter II Messengers and Messages of the Universe

She’s beautiful. Long curly hair, black or dark brown colored (usually wore in a bun) charming smile. I loved the shape of her eyes and how she used them to smile. She’s Hispanic…

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Chapter III Self Awareness Self Discovery Self Love

After leaving my position as a shift supervisor I was out of work until I could find another job. I had applied for unemployment in the meantime, as I waited for a temporary part time position at this new company.
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Chapter IV The Law of Action: Relocation

Relocating to South Carolina turned out to be amazing, though it didn’t start that way. Moving out of New York was always on my “hit list”. New York has its perks.
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Chapter V The Law of Cause and Effect

Moving into my own space felt so good, though I shared my apartment with my younger sister. My younger sister was rarely home. We shared a roommate suite, so even when she was home, she would be on her side of the apartment and I would be on mine.

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Chapter VI Faith Being Tested

As I was ascending, my faith was being tested. Having patience was always an
issue for me. Once, I affirm to be more patient that’s when all these situations started taking place in my life that required my patience.

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Chapter VII The Generator

Allowing life to unfold by simply being present enables downloads from divine.
Accepting my path without fear or trying to control my destiny bought clarity. Another example of us being co-creators, not the creator.

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Chapter VIII Preparation Before Opportunity

Before being able to enjoy my new gifts, I had demons to battle. Battling demons are draining, I wasn’t just battling demons internally but externally. Having so many people trying to stop me from every direction, groups of people and individually.

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Chapter IX Release

Learning to disconnect from all that doesn’t resonate or vibrate at my frequency,became effortless. As an empath, humanitarian it used to take me a while to release people that didn’t vibrate at my frequency.

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Chapter X Arriving

Listing all the generational curses I broke, toxic cycles I free myself from, is something I will not do, nonetheless I will state that I DID IT. I have broken some major generational curses and toxic cycles. I worked on myself internally and elevated on a mind, body and soul level.

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Chapter 1. Tour Guide

Chapter 2. Messengers and Messages of the Universe

Chapter 3. Self Awareness Self Discovery Self Love

Chapter 4. The Law of Action: Relocation

Chapter 5. The Law of Cause and Effect

Chapter 6. Faith Being Tested

Chapter 7. The Generator

Chapter 8. Preparation Before Opportunity

Chapter 9. Release

Chapter 10. Arriving

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