About Black Vibez

I am a humanitarian. A soul Alchemist Artist. Soul Alchemy is the practice of transforming one’s self through Soul work! I have transformed myself, on a mind body and soul level, as well as others, over the years. “Change is inevitable”. Change can’t be avoided though, many of us go through life doing just that but avoiding transformation prevents us from elevating in life. We all have a purpose to live out and chances are if you are not growing you aren’t fulfilling your purpose. I create poetry, music, spoken words with the intent to change a perspective by sharing mine. I am an unorthodox, unconventional, and eccentric Artist! The purpose of my art is to share my truth and possibly heal others through transformative words.

What will you learn
from this book?

“Ten Chapters of Transformation” was created with the intent to share my perspectives, as well as my life lessons. Life is all about learning and transforming. “Each one teaches one” is my way of life. Change is inevitable. A lot of us go through life trying our best to fight change but through experience I have come to understand, fighting change will only prevent you from prospering. Listing all the things that are to be learned from reading this book, is something I won’t do; instead, I will allow you to give me a review. Tell me what you learned from reading, “Ten Chapters of Transformation”. It is a short easy read. I affirm all that give it a read, enjoy it and also learn something. Thank you in advance for taking time out to read my book and hopefully it transforms your life.

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